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Hi there !

Let me guess...

You're a Personal brand or a business owner who is running a busy online business, creating content, and running a podcast. . . but it's all too time-consuming

You're probably here because you are looking for someone to guide you, or give you the help you need and deserve  

Do not worry, you are in the right place!

Stressed Man

So here's the problem ...

It's all too time-consuming to edit your Podcast,

it takes you hours... what you thought was just recording your voice and editing out the occasional Um and Er's takes forever!

it sounds unprofessional ... no - matter how hard you try you still sound like you are recording in the shower or worse; outside.

it's not as good as your competitors ... you try not to compare yourself to your peers or Podcast hero's, but inside your inner chimp is throwing stuff at them!


Hi, my name's Phil

My goal is to help people sound amazing online!



25 years ago I was singing and fronting a Rock band, playing gigs in some of London's best live venues.

In the daytime, I ran a busy wine shop in Ealing then I fell into the world of cold calling and eventually wound up marketing for associated newspapers and having to hang up my bass guitar and microphone... and trying to fit into society.

However, life threw me a curveball in 2016 and I found the crazy underworld of Voiceover and starting growing a side-hustle as a Voice Actor.

Two years later and an ultimatum from my then job pushed me to hand in my resignation and go headfirst into becoming a full-time freelance Voice actor; recording my voice for top brands around the World..and I haven't looked back!

But it didn't stop there, 2019 brought the pandemic and Podcasting really started to take off big-time and everyone started working online using Zoom, but they didn't sound too good

So I started my brand MyPodcastAssistant utilising my years of experience as a musician and voice actor to help others create great sounding Podcasts and to sound amazing online 

Where ever you are 

In Your Podcasting Journey

My Podcast Assistant is here to help with your Podcast editing and online audio needs


To have a Podcast just done for you


that's really EASY and straightforward and gives you back so much time!

that sounds PROFESSIONAL, AUTHENTIC, and really makes you just sound; well. . . AWESOME!

to give you CONFIDENCE, to make your voice be heard,

and stand out from the crowd.

Allow me to remove the heavy ball-&-chain of podcast and video editing

So you can have the FREEDOM to move your business forward!

Phil x

Here's what some of my amazing clients had to say about my services...


Let’s Start Working Together!

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