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Voice Actor and Audio Engineer

Voice Actor and Audio Engineer Professional with 25 Year's Experience

My name’s Phil, I'm a Professional Voice Actor and have been recording my voice for clients for the last 5 years for Commercials, Audiobooks, and Video Games.
In my past roles, I've recorded audio for musicians and bands

so I know a thing or two about recording audio.

I'm also an award-winning photographer and a member of the Royal Photographic Society with a background in Graphic Design and Marketing. I have experience as an Extra and appeared in BBC’s Doctors, BBC Wales  Hidden, and
SKY’s Cobra. 

In my spare time, I like pruning my Bonsai trees, keeping fancy goldfish, practicing Tai Chi, and painting like Bob Ross.

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Super Quick Turn Around

The best move I made with my podcast was to bring on Phil to edit it. I love having him part of the team, he is not only a lovely guy to work with he is really good at what he does. And on the odd occasion I have fallen behind for whatever reason, Phil has given me a super quick turn around. Also as a voice actor, Phil has been able to offer advice on how I can improve my sound quality and my recording production. I would highly recommend him and am so grateful for the work he does.



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