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Hi, I'm Phil

I make Podcasts sound great,

attracting more listeners

and saving you time & money

Do you want your Podcasts to sound awesome?

I help businesses edit their Podcasts saving them time and money to reinvest elsewhere.

I also make people sound gorgeous whether it's Zoom, Skype, or any other digital platform.
I'm here to make you sound amazing online!


No matter where you are in your Podcast journey, if you are ready to up your game, then get started by downloading one of my amazing freebies!

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What Can I Do For You?

Whether it's technical advice on what equipment to use or health advice on keeping those vocal cords in pristine condition.

I have a plethora of skills that will help you with your Podcast.

Here are my services but if you have anything specific in mind then drop me a line today.

Podcast Editing

  • Removal of Ums, Ers & other filler words

  • Background noise removal

  • Tidy up of breaths & pauses

  • Volume balance between voices

Intro/Outro Audio Mix

  • Intro & Outro Music

  • Intro & Outro Voiceover

  • Adverts

  • Sound effects

File Back-up

  • Original recordings on the cloud

  • Final files are accessible anywhere

Show Notes

  • Podcast transcription notes for people who like to read as well as hear

  • Great for SEO and allowing Search Engines to find your podcast faster

Content Repurposing

  • Create snippets of your Podcast to advertise on your Instagram stories, reels, Tic Tok, Facebook, or You Tube etc

Vocal Health

  • Tips on keeping your body, mind, and mouth in perfect working order

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Let's Take Your Podcast to the Next Level

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Fast, Accurate and Helpful

'I’m so happy that Phil was recommended to me to edit my podcasts. As a new podcaster, there seemed...more



Grow Your Private Practice

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Super Quick Turn Around

I have worked with Phil many of times and I have to say he is amazing! He has such a great range and talent. more



Marketing That Converts

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More Free Time

Getting help from Phil with my podcast was one of the best things that I’ve done within my business! more



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